High precision electrolytic cathode copper strip

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1. Product name: High precision electrolytic cathode copper strip
2: Shape: strip
3: Material: refined copper
4: Status: volume
5: Composition content: Cu≥99.99%
6: material: C1100

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Copper strip can be applied to general copper, such as electrical switch, pad, nail, oil pipe and other pipes. Engineering applications of copper in strip form include heat-sinks, heat exchangers, condensers, lightning conductors, switchgear, wiring looms, connectors, submersible pumps, roofs, flashings and outside structures. Strip products are also often favored in the arts and crafts sector, including model making. Copper Strip are available in different specifications to meet the prevailing industrial standards. With main usage in electrical applications as the high conductivity as well as resistance to corrosion, these are much stronger than solid copper wires and have ability to withstand greater loads. The strips are available in best material grade finish to provide best match in involved end applications. Moreover, Copper Strips find many applications as Electrical Conductors, Switch Terminals, Hardware applied in Electrical Circuits, Electrical Contacts. These beryllium copper strip products are available in Hard, Half-hard and Soft condition. Copper Strips are resistant to corrosion. These strips are applied to automatic machines to enhance the production and also reduce wastage. These bare Copper strips are applied as raw material in different machines and preferred in areas where salt content in soil is very high. Copper Strips have many functions in application. With the immense growth of industrialization along with the technological advancement, the demand for copper Alloy strip has increased remarkably. Due to their high conductivity and superior dimensional control, Copper strips are applied to various industries for diverse applications. Copper Strips are applied to distinct industries because of their various unique characteristics including electrical and thermal conductivity. These copper strips can be easily fabricated, welded or soldered.


Name Standard in China Standard in the USA Hardness Thickness Width (W)
Copper strip C10200,C11000(conductive),C11000,C21700,C12000,C12200 or C12300,C28000,C2680,C26000,C22000,C21000, etc. Cu-OF,Cu-FRHC(conductive),Cu-FRHC,Cu-FRTP,Cu-DLP,Cu-DHP,CuZn40,CuZn35,CuZn30,CuZn10,CuZn5, etc. M, Y4, Y2, Y1, Y, TY 0.1~4.0 ≤600
0.25~3.0 600<W<1000
(Copper door Strip)

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