Electrolytic cathode copper plates

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1: Product name: High precision electrolytic cathode copper plate
2: Shape: plate
3: Material: refined copper
4: Status: plate
5: Composition content: Cu≥99.99%, other impurities ≤0.01%
6: Material: C1100

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The classification of the copper

Pure copper

Pure copper is called red copper, also known as red copper, it has good plasticity, excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, can be applied to hot pressing, cold pressing processing, widely used in cable, wire, electric spark special corrosion copper and other products.

The brass

Brass refers to the alloy of zinc and copper, also can be divided into ordinary brass and special brass. Ordinary brass with 39% zinc content as the dividing line, less than 39%, good plasticity, usually suitable for hot and cold compression processing. More than 39%, suitable for hot pressing.


Red copper is copper with a high content of copper, the total content of other impurities is less than 1%, the density is 8.96, melting point is 1083℃. According to the composition, Chinese copper processing materials can be divided into four categories: ordinary copper (T1, T2, T3, T4), oxygen-free copper (TU1, TU2 and high purity, vacuum oxygen-free copper), deoxidized copper (TUP, TUMn), and special copper with a small amount of alloying elements (arsenic-copper, telluric-copper, silver-copper).


Bronze refers to copper base alloy except copper nickel, copper zinc alloy, the main varieties are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, special bronze (also known as high copper alloy).


White copper, namely nickel as the main element of the copper alloy. Cu-ni binary alloy is called ordinary white copper; And white copper is divided into ordinary copper nickel binary alloy, and added iron, zinc, aluminum, manganese complex white copper.

Tungsten copper

Tungsten copper alloy has a wide range of applications, mainly used to manufacture arc ablation resistant high voltage switch contacts and rocket nozzle throat lining, tail rudder and other high temperature components, but also used for electrical processing electrode, high temperature mold and other requirements of electrical conductivity and high temperature use.


Name Standard in China Standard in the USA Hardness Thickness Width (W) Length (L)
Copper plate T2 (conductive),T2 ,T3,TP1,TP2,H62,H65,H70,H90,H96 C11000 (conductive),C11000,C21700,C12000,C12200 or C12300,C28000,C27000,C26000,C22000,C21000 R 12~180 150~1000 ≤1200
T2 (conductive),T2 ,T3,TP1,TP2,H62,H65,H70,H90,H96 C11000 (conductive),C11000,C21700,C12000,C12200 or C12300,C28000,C27000,C26000,C22000,C21000 M, Y4, Y2, Y1, Y, T 0.5~15.0 ≤600 <2500
0.6~4.0 600<W≤1000 <3000

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