Copper electrolytic cathode strips

Short Description:

1: Commodity name: High precision electrolytic cathode copper bar
2: Shape: rod
3: Material: refined copper
4: Status: bar
5: composition content: Cu≥99.99%, other impurities ≤0.01%
6. Specifications (Length × width × thickness): Contract specifications
7: material: C1100

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Electrolytic copper is a non-ferrous metal closely related to human beings.  It is widely used in electric, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry and other fields.  It is second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China.  Copper is the most widely used and largest in electrical and electronic industry, accounting for more than half of the total consumption.  Used for winding resistance of various cables and wires, motors and transformers, switches and printed circuit boards.
In machinery and transport vehicle manufacturing, used for manufacturing industrial valves and accessories, meters, sliding bearings, molds, heat exchangers and pumps, etc.
Widely used in chemical industry to manufacture vacuum, distilling pot, brewing pot and so on.  It is used in the defense industry to make bullets, shells, gun parts, etc., and 13 to 14 tons of copper are needed for every one million bullets produced.  In the construction industry, used for all kinds of pipes, pipe fittings, decorative devices and so on.

Copper flat wire performance advantages

Good mechanical properties

Good plasticity under hot and cold conditions

Copper flat wire performance parameters


Name Standard in China Standard in the USA Hardness Thickness Width (W) Length (L)
Copper row TU1,TU2,T2,T3,H62,H65,H68 TU1,C10200,C11000,C21700,C28000,C27000,C26200 M, Y2, Y 3~16 15~150 ≤6000
Square copper rod TU1,TU2,T2,T3,H62,H65,H68 TU1,C10200,C11000,C21700,C28000,C27000,C26200 M, Y2, Y 15~45 15~55 ≤6000
Round copper rod TU1,TU2,T2,T3,H62,H65,H68 TU1,C10200,C11000,C21700,C28000,C27000,C26200 M, Y2, Y 6≤∮≤60 ≤6000
Irregular copper row T2,T3 C11000,C21700 M, Y2, Y 500≤Cross sectional area≤1500 ≤6000
Copper bar TU1,TU2,T2,T3 TU1,C10200,C11000,C21700 ∮16, ∮20

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