The Report of The 20th National Congress of The CPC Took “Implementing The Strategy of Rejuvenating The Country Through Science

The Report of the 20th National Congress of the CPC took “Implementing the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science, Education and strengthening the support for talents for modernization” as a separate part for the first time. It also discussed education, science, technology and talents as a whole. It pointed out the direction for us to carry out scientific research, that is, to return to the entity and empower the industry. The deep integration of scientific research and industry gives researchers a bigger stage to show their value. Jinpin Copper is one of the few domestic enterprises that can produce high-precision hot rolled plate. And Jinpin Copper is capable of producing high-precision, wide-width copper plate and has obtained the excellent key new products of Jiangxi Province. The product quality of H90 brass belt has been recognized by military enterprises, and successfully exported to Pakistan and other countries.
Just like human beings, enterprises have a body and a soul, and a body without a soul is a walking animal. Similarly, enterprises without a soul are just a fortress of machines and tools for making things. The soul of an enterprise is the corporate culture, which cannot be seen or touched, but actually exists in the enterprise. It is the standard of corporate behavior and the force for the harmonious development of enterprises. Through learning Jinpin Copper, I have a deep understanding of the responsibility and mission as an employee of Jinpin Copper. They should keep their commitment to the Copper culture, cooperate at all levels, work together, help each other, cultivate the ability to do things correctly, and consistently implement codes and standards of conduct. The establishment of corporate culture is a means of publicity for the company, and the most important thing is how to implement it. We should keep on learning and understanding this culture for a long time. Only in this way can we win the hearts of the people and become the power of innovation.



Post time: Dec-16-2022