Jiangxi Jinpin Copper Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter Referred to as Jinpin Copper) Was Established in March 2013

Jiangxi Jinpin Copper Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinpin Copper) was established in March 2013, and is located in the beautiful bank of Fuhe River and the hometown of talented people: Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. The address is Weiliu Road, Wenchang Avenue, Fuzhou High tech Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province. Tang Junlie, the legal representative of Jinpin Copper which is a limited liability company (invested or controlled by a natural person) with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. At present, a production capacity of 80000 tons of finished nonferrous metal processing materials has been formed. The main products include: high-precision wide copper plates, copper strips, copper ingots, copper rods, copper bars, copper bars, etc. of various brands and specifications.
In addition, the equipment level of the production line is leading in the industry, and the plate shape, dimensional tolerance and performance stability have reached the advanced level of the industry. The maximum width of copper strip can be 1050mm, few manufacturers in the domestic can produce such wide copper strip. There are many professor-level senior engineers enjoying the special allowance of The State Council, including senior engineers and senior technicians. There are college student talent reservation activities every year to ensure the development of enterprises. A number of technical and management talents have been introduced from central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and listed companies such as Chalco Luotong, Chalco Shangtong, 701 Munitions Factory, Tongling Jingwei, Jingcheng Copper and Xinke Copper. Jinpin Copper has signed school-enterprise, industry-university-research cooperation agreements with several well-known universities, laying a solid foundation for continuous innovation. Jinpin Copper uses information means to achieve supply chain management, financial management, inventory management, marketing management and other information management. It will soon introduce MES system, office automation (OA), etc., to realize the perfect combination of intelligence and information.



Post time: Dec-16-2022